Change is all around us and stress and anxiety have become a reality for many teens so staying emotionally healthy during uncertain times is more critical now than ever.

I created the Day by Daybook® for teens to help them do just that. Feel their best, even during the difficult times.

I'm an author, certified integrative health counselor, change management and addiction recovery coach. I spent a majority of my  career at Apple and Sony helping leaders and innovators manage personal and professional change,

After working in high stress work environments for many years and developing alcohol dependance to cope with the day to day, I chose sobriety 11 years ago and never looked back.

I designed the Day by Daybook to help myself manage the ups and downs of early sobriety by creating a simple system to elevate my daily mood and energy. The positive feedback encouraged me to expand the reach of this unique tool beyond the recovery community. From that intention, the Teen Day by Daybook was born. 

I understand first hand the power that writing and self reflection can have in managing stress, depression and anxiety and my goal is to provide this powerful tool to those who can benefit from it as much as I have.  

founder, day by daybook


"Accepting what makes you
uniquely you and sharing it with others is the key to success." 


- Maryanne

""I purchased this for my daughter. She absolutely loves it and is journaling daily!"

The Day by Daybook sparks creativity, curiosity and self leadership. Empowering teens to manage their daily well-being and self express with greater clarity and confidence. 

Taking time out of scrolling disrupts the comparison game and brings attention back to what really matters.

It's time to take 5 to reconnect with self and design life on your own terms.  


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