I believe that women are suffering because we don’t feel good enough. We hide our strength because we’ve been taught to play small. 

I believe in helping women live bigger, bolder lives in recovery because getting sober is just the beginning. It opens us up to recognize our purpose and to start sharing with the world.

I believe in holding the space for women to discover what’s possible because we need the support to look beyond our own perceived limitations.

I believe in connection and community because it’s the life force of sobriety. The more we share each other’s experiences, the more we grow. Our stories are the thread that unites and strengthens us.

I believe that anyone can get sober. All they need is the will to make it happen and the courage to ask for help.

Being a professional woman today is difficult and often competitive. It doesn’t have to be that way. Showing vulnerability is slowly becoming more acceptable, but we still have a long way to go.

I believe women try to be everything to everyone because we’re constantly looking for external acceptance. We seek relief outside of ourselves to escape the intensity and pressure coming from within.

I believe that addiction needs to continue to be brought out into the light because the stigma of recovery is keeping people from getting help.

I believe that self-love is the question AND the answer because without it, we’ll never show up fully as the magnificent and powerful women we are. We’re not wired for it though, so it takes time and a willingness to get there.

I believe in miracles because I experience them every day. Sobriety has allowed me to overcome my fears and find the courage to start living my life.

October 30, 2022

I find the more I speak with others in sobriety, the more it confirms to me that this journey is what we make of it.

When I hear it referred to as an inconvenience, burden or a curse, it reminds me that life is about perspective and we all have our own boat to row. 

Our truth finds us when we’re ready, not a moment sooner.

I view my sobriety as an end to the waiting, struggling and searching for something unattainable.

Validation outside of myself. 

I walked that line of uncertainty for too long.

I know now more than ever, my experience broke me down – with the sole purpose of building me back up into a better version of myself.

The pain ultimately provided me with the strength and curiosity to move past the excuses and get on with my life. 

It has made me who I am today. Of that, I am certain. 

What truth has sobriety taught you so far? 

October 24, 2022

It’s safe to say that most of us strive to extend love and compassion toward others. Although we may not always get it right, we do our best to remain conscious of this intention at all times.

But, when it comes to demonstrating this same courtesy to ourselves, it can be more difficult. Often times, we end up dishonoring ourselves in either our thoughts, beliefs or actions.

In the midst of change, having self-compassion and refraining from inner judgement can often be difficult and those are the times when we need it the most.

Here are 3 simple ways to become your own ally in times of change.

  • Celebrate your strength. Think of an obstacle you have overcome in the past and what you learned about yourself. Your resilience, sense of humor, strength, flexibility? Whatever it was, acknowledge and celebrate it as something that makes you uniquely you. 
  • Find the lesson in the midst of the chaos. Every obstacle is a muscle building exercise, making you more powerful every time. This newfound confidence decreases negative self-talk and strengthens your faith in yourself.
  • Concentrate on the solution. This puts emotion aside and makes you less susceptible to doubt and those self-deprecating beliefs you have about yourself that are simply not true.

We all know in life there are no guarantees so make the commitment to do what you can to have your own back.

October 5, 2022

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