Knowing your strength

Trusting that everything will work out in the end can be difficult. We often look outside ourselves for assurance that things will be ok.

We’re told to have faith and we reluctantly say we will, but have no idea how to actually put that faith into practice. What we fail to realize is that we’ve done this all before.

When we got sober, we had nothing but a slim glimmer of hope that things were going to be alright. We had no other choice but to believe. The alternative was to continue down a path of pain and self-sabotage.

We had no idea what the outcome would look like, but we knew one thing for sure, that we no longer wanted to live this way. So, we went all in. We placed our bet and got in the game without even knowing the rules.

We jumped with nothing more than the conviction that things had to change and a simple belief that by taking action, any action, we were moving closer to something better.

So, what if we decided that we were old pros at this?

That we’re used to no guarantees. We know that any risk big or small, brings reward and with every step we take toward the unknown, we’re bound to gain the wisdom and insight needed to grow and learn something new about ourselves.

All it takes is the memory of how powerful you were in the past, to recognize the strength you have in the present.

Those are the truths that will propel you forward.

November 6, 2022

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