Overcoming uncertainty.

I find the more I speak with others in sobriety, the more it confirms to me that this journey is what we make of it.

When I hear it referred to as an inconvenience, burden or a curse, it reminds me that life is about perspective and we all have our own boat to row. 

Our truth finds us when we’re ready, not a moment sooner.

I view my sobriety as an end to the waiting, struggling and searching for something unattainable.

Validation outside of myself. 

I walked that line of uncertainty for too long.

I know now more than ever, my experience broke me down – with the sole purpose of building me back up into a better version of myself.

The pain ultimately provided me with the strength and curiosity to move past the excuses and get on with my life. 

It has made me who I am today. Of that, I am certain. 

What truth has sobriety taught you so far? 

October 24, 2022

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